I like to work on projects, which challenge my knowledge and require studying a new technology. I believe it is very important to keep improving the skills I already have and to develop new ones. It is necessary for web designer/developer to be quick in picking up and trying any new technology that appears in the web industry.
Lately I’ve been working on my client side JavaScript and Flash Action Script programming skills. I would like to be proficient not only in front end development, but also in the field of back end development of dynamic database driven web sites and web applications. I’ve been studying JavaScript ASP, and in my immediate future I am planning to study XML, Java and others programming languages.
I’ve been studying MS SQL and MS SQL Server 2000. It gives me a better understanding of the concept of database management, implementation and administration.
My ultimate goal is to become a web developer, who is able to develop both front and back ends of web sites and web applications. In more far future I would like to work as project leader.