My Realm Very often I questioned myself: "Who am I?" And I couldn’t find quite clear answer. Only in Astrology I was able to find what I was looking for, why I feel and act in certain ways and what lies deep inside me.

A Natal Astrological Chart can describe the qualities of a person in every detail and many aspects, and each of them is formed by a certain location of Sun, Moon and other planets in the space at certain time. I was amazed how exactly my astrological chart reflects and describes my personality and character.

I will depict only 3 most important aspects from my natal chart. In combination they build my personality out of 2 main elements - fire and water. The Earth and Air elements are less expressed in my natal chart, so it is my lifetime goal to develop them as well.
Those 3 aspects are -
The Sun was in Sagittarius sign (Fire element) at the moment of my birth
The Moon was in Cancer sign (Water element) at the moment of my birth
My Ascendant was in Scorpio sign (Water element) at the moment of my birth
My Sun
When I was born, the Sun was in a fiery Sagittarius sign. This sign may be associated with centaur or archer with his arrows, who "boldly goes where no one has gone before". Sagittarius (Sag) is explorer, traveler and big lover of adventures - in both - regional and scientific senses. I always loved, loved, loved to travel, and mostly to distant places. I guess it is my destiny to find many homes in different countries. I visited many of them in Asia, Europe and America, and wherever I have been - I felt like at home!
Sag loves to study and teach, and this is very suitable to me. I have many subjects to study professionally and for fun. I wish I had more time to be able to embrace all of them in a short period of time. I used to be a dance teacher for many years, and it is wonderful and useful experience in my life.
Sag also is known as a person with philosophic attitude. I wouldn’t call myself a philosopher, but I like to think about the Universe and how it constructed and to read books about esoteric sciences such as Astrology, Tarot, Yoga and psychology.
As far as character concerned, Sag is known as funny, enthusiastic and high principal person. This is pretty much I… I like to laugh and joke and prefer to believe in a good outcome of any venture no matter how hard it is.
Very often Sagittarian people are characterized as too straightforward and blunt. I have those qualities as well. My ability not to afraid to tell anyone the unwanted truth has earned some enemies in my past, so I learned to be careful with this.
As a fiery person Sagittarius is very imaginative and full of creative ideas, but he or she always has a difficulty to finish what he or she has already started. This is also about me. At the beginning of some project I am so exited and full of ideas, but as this project goes on I tend to lose my interest and slow down, because I got another new and interesting project, which preoccupies my mind. I am trying to work on and handle this habit lately, but it is not easy for me…
The Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius sign, is a biggest planet in our solar system and it brings to all Sagittarian people the qualities to think big, to act big and to want the biggest. I possess those qualities too. I tend sometimes to exaggerate things. I have hard time shopping; it is very, very difficult for me to bye just one thing, but not two or three. When I am working on a project, I tend to go longer way, but better one. I guess it makes me to be a perfectionist, but sometimes it’s not good in situation where the project has to be completed fast.
The Jupiter is also known as a lucky planet, so all Sagittarians are considered to be lucky people. Yes, I guess I can say that I am lucky person, I have wonderful parents, I’ve met so many beautiful people, and many things in my life just happened really in magical way, so I am lucky…
My Moon
At the moment of my birth the Moon was in watery Cancer sign and it represents very essential and private part of myself. Generally Moon represents all feminine and emotional qualities of the person (both men and women). If the Sun as a masculine force is very influential for the man, the influences of the Moon are very important for the women.
The Water is a common symbol of feeling. Cancer is a water sign and its key words are "I feel". This position of the Moon gave me a lot of sensitivity, ability to feel deeply and love for home and family. In some way, it is a contradiction to my Sagittarian easiness and striving for freedom. I guess it makes me not an easy partner - I want family very much, but at the same time I don’t like to feel confined.
The ruler of Cancer sign is Moon. Moon is responsible for the realm of feeling and unconsciousness, so it itself intensifies the emotional impact within the person who is born under the Cancer sign. My astrologer Lesley said to me: "Your waters run very deep." And she is right, if I am not controlling it, the power of my emotions may destroy me. Some my close friends call me A Little Monster because of this quality.
The Cancer Moon gave me the gift of intuition. Very often I can really sense the situation, but it is very difficult to explain how it works. I just know exactly that it comes not from my mind, but rather from my heart.
The Moon is never the same, she is constantly changing. Some of my friends tell me that I can have "nine Fridays on the week", and it’s true. My moods always change, and even I often surprised how fast it is happening.
Cancer Moon gave me some artistic talents such as dancing, drawing, painting and writing. Currently I am trying to incorporate all of them in the computer science.
People born under the Cancer usually are good parents, and it was always natural to me to take care of somebody. The bad thing about it is for very long time I was the one who needed a lot of care from other people. But I’ve learned that I must be on my own feet and be able to take care of myself first of all, and then it has given me the opportunity to take care about others.
Another very unique quality of Cancer is the difficulty to let go. The animal cancer can clutch very hard. It has been always very hard for me to let go of something or someone! I am still in the process of learning that something must die in order to give life for something new. In this lesson my Scorpio side is there to help me…
My Ascendant
The Ascendant is the cusp of the first house in the wheel of the astrological chart, and it influences entire horoscope of the person and largely describes the personality. The Ascending sign is reflected in part in everything what person does, it is astrological signature of an individual. It describes personal manners, abilities, physical characteristics and appearance of the person.
My Ascendant (Rising sign) was in Scorpio at the moment of my birth.
Scorpio is a water sign as well as Cancer, which even more emphasize my emotional intentness. One of the key words for the Scorpio sign is "Deep". It’s a lifetime tusk for Scorpio to search and explore the depths of a deep sea of his or her soul.
I was always fascinated by a mystery of Scorpio people, and I was surprised when learned that I possess some qualities of Scorpio! For the most part of my life I didn't know about that, I have learned it recently, and it has given me so much insight and better understanding of myself.
Deep passion and intense action are the most common and basic qualities of Scorpio. I guess I have that too. What ever I do, I do it with all my heart and passion. Sometimes I even tend to overdo things (this also comes from my Sagittarius side).
Scorpios are known for their penetrating insight and ability to see other people right through. I am not sure if I am able to do that, but it seems I can feel and understand what person feels at the moment. It is really subtle sensation and it is hard to explain by words.
Scorpios are very introverted, private, secretive and shy people, and it is definitely about me. Only my very close friends really know me. I prefer not to let anyone to get into my private world, so I guess the notion that Scorpios are mysterious and enigmatic people is also refers to me.
Scorpios are said to be a sexiest people in the world. I am not going to reveal my sexuality; I only say that many men told me that I look pretty sexy and have a seductive smile. I don’t mind…
Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio sign. Pluto is a God of death and life after death. This gives to Scorpios the powers of emotional, mental and physical resurrection and regeneration, ability for transformation and to live several lives in one. Since I started my new career in computer science field, I really feel like I am born again.
Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio sign. Mars is a planet of fire and war and it brings tremendous power and strong will to people born under Scorpio sign. It may be compared to the power of seething volcano, which is almost impossible to control. I guess, for a long time I was misusing this quality and trying to control other people instead of utilizing it for my personal growth. But I’ve learned my lesson, and it was very painful lesson…
I guess the power of Scorpio helps me to overcome almost impossible barriers, which I never thought I’d be able to overcome, but I do, I still do, and it makes me to stay alive…